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Medical Tourism in Belarus

Treatment abroad: Why Belarus?

What is the best country for medical tourism? A few words about medical tourism in Belarus.

In the modern world, where traveling abroad has become familiar and the developed air travel system allows you quickly get to anywhere in the world, you can easily choose the best country for medical care.

Every year, medical tourism in Belarus is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. A large number of tourists come to Belarus not only for the sake of recreation, but also to receive highly qualified medical care in the best clinics and medical centers of the country. The republic of Belarus has already been visited by citizens of more than 128 countries of the world. Most often, residents of post-Soviet countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) come in Belarus for medical treatment but for Europeans, Belarus is an excellent country to save money on medical services, without saving on the quality of treatment.

  • citizens of more than 128 countries of the world
  • more than 190,000 foreign patients in 2018
  • visa-free travel for residents of 74 countries for 30 days

Do Belarusian doctors have a good medical education?

The basis of the quality of treatment in any country is its medical education. Our medical education retains the best features of Soviet medicine that means a high level of clinical thinking of doctors who are able to make right decisions even in the most unusual situations that cannot be described in clinical protocols adopted in Western medicine.

Belarusian doctors receive higher medical education in 4 state medical universities.The Belarusian State Medical University is the leading higher medical educational institution of the country that has a deserved international authority and recognition. Foreign students from 81 countries of the world come to our universities for knowledge. Future doctors study for at least 6-7 years with the mandatory internship in clinics before starting their professional activities. All doctors are obliged by law to regularly improve their qualifications in the Belarusian Academy of Postgraduate Education. Belarusian doctors take internships in the best clinics in Europe and the USA, participate in international conferences, symposia and research programs.

4 state medical universities
Belarusian universities study foreigners from 81 countries
Doctors study for 6-7 years before they are allowed to practice
All doctors are obliged by law to regularly improve their qualifications

Belarusian medicine achievements

The Republic of Belarus occupies one of the leading places in the world in terms of accessibility of the population to medical services (it shares first place with Brunei and Canada). Belarusian medicine complies with international standards, and the centers are equipped with modern equipment. There are about 600 hospitals and about 1,500 polyclinic organizations, 16 Republican Scientific Practical Centers - health organizations that are engaged in the scientific development of new methods of treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation. There is a close connection between science and practice. We have 16 scientific and practical centers in the Republic: "Mother and Child", "Organ and Tissue Transplantation", "Cardiology", "Neurology and Neurosurgery", "Transfusiology and Medical Biotechnologies", "Traumatology and Orthopedics", "Otorhinolaryngology", "Pulmonology and Phthisiology" and others.

There are about 600 hospitals and about 1,500 polyclinic organizations, 16 Republican Scientific Practical Centers providing access to high-tech and complex interventions.

The health care system in the Republic of Belarus is of a state priority with a budget financing system. Strict state control maintains the highest level of medical care in the country. Thanks to the conditions created, Belarus has reduced maternal mortality rates by more than 11 times, and occupies a worthy place in the ranking of the most comfortable countries for motherhood. On 7 June 2016, WHO confirmed the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV infection and syphilis. The Republic of Belarus is the first among European countries who receive this status.

The healthcare system in the Republic of Belarus is of a state priority with a budget financing system that allows equipping clinics with the best modern equipment.

By the number of organ transplants performed, Belarus is a leader not only among post-Soviet countries, CIS countries, but also ahead of many European countries. Unique operations on liver, kidney, heart transplantation and the most complicated operations on the organ complexes transplantation like liver-kidney, pancreas-kidney, heart - lungs became common practice for our surgeons.

Orthopaedic trauma surgeons perform endoprosthetics of the shoulder, hip, elbow and ankle joints.

Our doctors achieve high results in the malignant tumors treatment and blood diseases treatment in children. Our country is among the ten best countries in Europe in terms of these diseases treatment.

Individual, personalized medicine became available in Belarus in connection with the discovery of a molecular genetic laboratory of carcinogenesis and a positron emission tomography center (PET center).

Foreigners medical treatment in Belarus

What can attract foreigners to medical treatment in Belarus? People who want to get high-quality and inexpensive treatment should discover Belarus because our doctors have first-class medical education, significant successes and rich experience. Strict state control and the social health care system have created unique conditions for the development of medical care in the country. Our medicine has the highest quality and affordable cost, not only in public clinics, but also in private medical centers.

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Why is medical treatment in Belarus cheaper?

Belarus is a country with a pronounced social side of state policy. To preserve the availability of medical care in Belarus, prices for medical services are subject to state regulation. That means that even private clinics cannot exceed a certain price level set by the state (out of more than 2.5 thousand medical services, almost 1.6 thousand are subject to state regulation). Therefore, the cost of medical services in Belarusian clinics attracts patients from all over the world for its accessibility. Payment for all medical services rendered in Belarus is made only in a medical institution, so there are no overpayments for treatment and the cost of each intervention remains transparent and understandable to each patient.

Prices for medical services are subject to state regulation.

But you should remember that the quality of medical services depends on the chosen medical institution and doctors working in the clinic. The medical tourism operator in Belarus - MedTour Group will help you to understand this huge variety of clinics, doctors and services. Our goal is to help you find the right clinic and doctor that suits you. Our experts will select the most suitable treatment for you and advise on all issues.