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Frequently asked questions

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What is the price of our company's services?

The cost of our services depends on the package you choose. Detailed information about support packages can be found here. If you travel with us, the cost of clinics and medical centers' services does not increase, and you pay for all services to the cash desk of a medical institution - we do not charge any medical services

What does our company do?

Our company organizes treatment of foreign citizens in Belarus. You can get a free consultation and we will help you plan your treatment course, the timing and cost of your stay in Belarus. We will select the most comfortable clinic for you and an experienced doctor who will prepare an individualized plan for your treatment remotely (online). Our company's members will check the validity of the treatment plan drawn up by the clinic and arrange an appointment with a doctor before you arrive. If it is necessary, we can find you a transfer and help plan your route and get a visa, book a hotel room or apartment. We provide round-the-clock support, as well as mobile communication with Internet, organize leisure and delivery of medicines. We undertake any organizational issues of your trip.

What do you need to get treatment in Belarus?

To get medical care in Belarus, you just need to contact us in any way convenient for you and send us the necessary medical documentation. You will receive an online free consultation and an individual treatment plan for your problem, so you will be able to plan the timing and cost of your trip. Our individual approach and personal help staff allows you to choose the the best situation for your personal needs. From choosing the correct clinic to personal assistance to help with your travel, transport and accommodations.

How do I book a medical appointment?

When Belarusian doctors draw up an individual treatment plan for your, you can plan your travel dates that are convenient for you and we will book all the necessary appointments with a doctor in advance for you.

Should I pay for treatment in local currency or home currency?

You can pay in cash in Belarusian rubles (‎BYN) at the clinic cash desk or with Visa / Master Card in any currency.

How and when i should pay for medical services?

The calculation is made on the basis of an agreement with the clinic. A single medical service is paid on the fact of its provision, a comprehensive (for example, inpatient care or dental prosthetics) services are paid for in two stages: prepayment (hospital stay and estimated treatment cost) with subsequent final settlement.

How is escorting and support of the patient performed?

The scope of support services depends on the package of services you choose. You can find more information about support packages here. Our individual approach and personal help staff allows you to choose the the best situation for your personal needs. From choosing the correct clinic to personal assistance to help with your travel, transport and accommodations.

What if the patient does not speak Russian?

As an additional service, we can select for you an English-speaking attendant who can solve all organizational issues and help you to have a high-quality communication with doctors.

Is it possible to translate documents into English?

Yes, of course, all medical documents received in Belarus can be translated into English by professional translators.

We give you a SIM card, how will it be useful?

The SIM card provides you remote support of our company's members, Internet access and the ability to connect with your family and friends.

How much one can spend on food in Minsk in average?

Minsk has an extensive network of catering establishments: modern cozy coffee shops, fast food and eateries (for example, € 3 per roll in Mirage or € 7-10 full lunch in the Lido chain), cafes and restaurants (average bill for two with alcohol € 25-40), as well as a huge selection of pubs, beer restaurants, cocktail bars and clubs.

Can I pay for goods and services by card in Belarus?

Yes, of course, it is possible to pay by Visa / MasterCard cards in Belarus.

What is the average cost of living in Minsk?

The cost of living in Minsk may be different and depends on your budget. The most inexpensive option of housing in the Belarusian capital is an apartment for rent and it will cost from € 30 per day. The cost of a night in a hostel in a common room starts from € 8 per night, and a hotel room will cost from € 45 in three-star hotels and from € 130 to five-star. Depending on the supporting package you choose, booking of accommodation for you may be included in the price.

How to get from the airport?

Minsk National Airport is 42 km from the city. You can get from it to Minsk by bus and minibus (traffic interval is 20-30 minutes, they arrive at the Central Bus Station, the price is about € 2 per ticket, and it takes about an hour to get to the point of destination). Alternative options - call a cab via an application Uber, Yandex.Taxi or IQ Taxi (with the ability to pay by card) or catch a cab "from the board" right at the airport. In addition, there is the possibility of renting a car. Depending on the supporting package you choose, a meeting at the airport may be included in the price.

What public transport is in Minsk?

There are all types of public transport in Minsk - buses, trolley buses, trams, route taxis (mini-buses called "marshrytka") and subways (two lines, the cost of the trip is about € 0.25). There are no night buses in Minsk and the metro is open until 00.40 Taxi services in Minsk are not very expensive and you can call a cab by numbers 7788, 135, 157, 152, 107, 7500, and also use a taxi through UberBy, Yandex.Taxi or IQ Taxi applications ( with the possibility of payment by card). Recently, car sharing is available in Minsk using Anytime or Vezuha applications.

Where I can exchange money?

The national currency in Belarus is the Belarusian ruble BYN and it is the only possible currency of payment in cash. It is not freely convertible, so you can’t buy it in advance. Currency exchange is possible in banks and currency exchange points. There is no exchange commission.

How can I spend my leisure time?

During your stay, there are many excursions available to historic places and enjoy the natural wonders. Fine dining as well as our national cuisine, culture and outdoor activities will help you enjoy your stay in Belarus. You can find here a huge number of Belarusian sights and leisure options in different cities You can also choose the support package includes your free time arranging by our company and not worry about anything.

Why is treatment in Belarus cheaper?

Belarus is a country with a high level of social policy. To preserve the availability of medical care in Belarus, our state regulate the prices for medical services. That means that even private clinics cannot exceed a certain price level set by the state. Therefore, the cost of services in Belarusian clinics attracts patients from all over the world by its accessibility.

Does Belarus provide high-quality medical services?

Belarusian medical care meets world standards and our medical and surgical centers are well equipped and modern. Doctors prescribe only necessary treatment to you. No unnecessary extra procedures or medicines are imposed in Belarus because it is forbidden to commercial pharmaceutical companies to influence the therapeutic process and doctors opinion here. Read more about medicine in Belarus here.

What level of education do Belarusian doctors have?

Belarusian doctors receive higher medical education in 4 state medical universities that have earned international prestige and recognition. Foreign students from 81 countries of the world come to our medical universities for knowledge. Future doctors have to study for at least 6-7 years with obligatory residency at clinics before the beginning of their professional career. Read more about medical education in Belarus here.

Clients Reviews
Tatyana Bykova

Tatyana Bykova


(translated from original)

I will try to tell my story briefly if it is possible because my emotions are going through the roof.
I'd like to share my positive emotions and express my sincere delight from communication with Varvara and the doctors of the 5th dental clinic in Minsk.
Varvara, she is just an angel on the other end of the line who patiently answers all questions, almost at any time of the day or any day of the week, that for nonresident patients it’s just salvation, because it’s hard to be left alone with your toothless problem. Varvara find the right words to calm and give a good psychological attitude, thank her very much for that. From the first day of communication I felt support, for me it is very important, it always seemed to me that she was somewhere nearby). The doctors who treat me: prosthetics dentist A. Rozovsky, dental surgeon V. Rosenberg, general dental practitioner P. Dashevskaya - are excellent doctors.
Since childhood I have been tormented with teeth, I have been treating, doing, redoing them my entire conscious life and now there is a very difficult situation. I have had consultation in more than one clinic, and even, moreover, in more than one city but I can say without exaggeration that only after consultation with Alexander Vitalievich and Vitaliy Viktorovich i calmed down and realized that they would help me here ... they would return my smile and joy of life. Thank you very much for your wonderful work and sincere care.
I also want to say warm words to Vitaly Viktorovich’s medical sister (unfortunately did not remember her name) She is a wonderful woman. I am very glad that I got to this clinic.

Kate Avhimovich

Kate Avhimovich

New Jersey, USA

I am very pleased with the service and the team of this amazing clinic ("Mint" clinic).
First of all, the practice itself is very modern and up-to-date with the latest equipment and clean and inviting environment.
Since I was coming from the United States and only had a very short and limited time of staying in Belarus, the doctor accommodated me in the short time I was there.
Since I was getting veneers, I was worried them to be done properly in a week (usually I know it takes at least 2 weeks).
The doctor took his time and put me at ease that it was possible and I would be pleased at the end. He really went out of his way to do my teeth and worked after hours.
As a result I couldn’t be happier with the result. Absolutely beautiful smile that looks so natural that no one can notice that I have veneers yet compliment me about my appearance and that there something changed in me to the better but can’t really see what. That is the perfect outcome anyone can wish when getting veneers, to enhance your features without drastic changes. I did my upper 8 and button 10 veneered. I am definitely coming back this summer to finish and do veneers on the rest of my teeth. I would absolutely recommend this clinic and Dr. Aleksei for any dental work.

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We are here

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